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Anasayfa » 9 July 2014

9 July 2014

Tension between being in control and letting go

In the morning everybody except me went to the riverside. I stayed in bed overwhelmed by my organizational responsibilities, my perfectionist tendencies and also a bit exhausted from living together with so many women and communicating in many languages. Thankfully, I had a good rest until everyone was back. 

Yesterday I had a chat with Tuba. Tuba advised me to stop trying to control everything and take care of myself. She suggested that I go with the flow, and that’s what I have decided to do. The path which might lead me to being a happy and content person goes definitely not through being obsessed with getting things done in my familiar ways. I knew that, but I do forget sometimes. It is a blessing to have friends who remind me of that.

We will cross the closed borders with our flying carpet.

This afternoon, Deniz facilitated a process where we all came together to prepare a carpet that will fly across the borders. Everyone embroidered their drawings, paintings, writings or knittings on small pieces of fabric, then these small pieces were brought together and a magnificent flying carpet emerged. Remaining materials enabled everyone to make small gifts for each other. The flying carpet became a production process intertwined with the entertainment of folk songs. We associated a new song from each word of the previous song while weaving the carpet and sang together. It was pure fun.