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Anasayfa » ‘Integrated Security’ Workshop

‘Integrated Security’ Workshop

This was a workshop facilitated by Elvira in Aghdzq, 2014

This workshop was created by women in order to deal with safety and security on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It was made up of three themes: 1) well-being, 2) self-esteem, relating to connection between the mind and the body, 3) security as an individual, as a worker, as an activist, etc. 

The goal of the workshop is to bring to the surface issues related to these themes and to find solutions by working individually and in groups. Individually each person should think about what well-being means for them (feeling good, feeling safe, receiving respect, etc.) and what are some priorities for their welfare. A discussion on what it means to be secure inside of relationships with everyone sharing takes place next. This is a good exercise to understand one another’s borders and boundaries in order to proceed in terms of working and living together. 

In groups, everyone should discuss some fears they have in terms of relating to others, and in general with not being treated well and not feeling well. This is another way to get to know and understand one another better in smaller groups and in the larger group. Following this, the group can discuss some strategies for how each person has dealt with fears in the past and listen to suggestions from others on how everyone can improve with this regard. 

The facilitator of the workshop can lead everyone through an exercise on how to slow down, meditate and connect with themselves and the group as a way to find ease in times of stress and distress.