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May 23, 2016

Hello my love, How are you? We lost touch, but you are in my thoughts. I am coming to Istanbul for one week in June! I have been accepted in this Regional Network for historical dialogue and dealing with the past with Hafiza Merkezi organization…you know them?  I will be in Istanbul from June 12-19th 😀 Shall we skype soon?-


May 24, 2016


I am soo happy to hear that you will be in Istanbul in June 🙂 I am here as well from 12 to 16th of June. Would you like to stay in our flat? Please comeee…

I am very busy these days and will leave Istanbul on 30th of june. I will be in Paris for one week and on this coming weekend we have a workshop two days long :(((

Lets not skype and see each other in Istanbul :)))

I missed youuuuu so much….

Love and blessings,