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September 6, 2015

Dear all,

Yesterday I visited the place where we will spend one week in the coming days. It is a nice place with beautiful sea view and the owners are also very kind.

The place is in an island called Büyükada. You will come there with a ferry from Kadıköy and the journey takes 1,5 hour. In the island there are no cars which means you need to walk about 20 minutes till you arrive the place called Ashaka. People from Ashaka will help us for carrying the suitcase with small electrical cars.

For the girls who will come via Tblisi a long and tiring journey is waiting for you but it is worth to come to that beautiful and peaceful place 🙂 There is a pool, if you like to swim please bring your swimming suits.

The working area is under the oak trees with a wonderful view to the sea but we need to climb up many stairs each time in order to reach to that beauty 🙂

These days the weather here is humid and hot but it might change unexpectedly. Please be prepared to hot sunny days and also to cold rainy days.

Milena suggested that everbody makes a small preparation for the content of our meeting. Milena jan, could you please share your idea with the whole group?

Hope to see you all soon….

Many kisses,