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October 1, 2015

Dear Milena,

I did not understand your mail about pirot well. We as workshop development group will work on setting a workshop program for pirot and awid. We decided to have our first skype meeting on 21st of October, 2015. In my opinion, we can not decide who will go to give workshop like you did now, I mean asking who is volunteering. We need to take care of the needs of the community there. We should decide who in our group has the proper competences to fulfill the needs of the target group.  

The other thing is that you write on the last day. This is the format we get used to act from last year, you know, we were always in hurry and everything happened at the last time. I am a bit disappointed, because I thought somethings have changed after our retreat in Büyükada. Maybe I missed some communication, because now I am thinking what was the meaning of taking decisions in Büyükada and having small groups to share responsibilities?

I did not write to the whole group first, because I want to avoid any misunderstanding between you and me first since we have a virtual communication via mail. I had no internet since 10 days and I saw your mail with the subject ”urgent”. and immediately replied. I hope I understood something wrong 🙂



Dear Senem:

I did not have time to work on the FRIDA grant after Turkey because I had to go to Yerevan for work and it was tiring. So I only had yesterday and the day before to try to gather info from everyone. Whoever responded I took everyone’s ideas into consideration. I asked who is interested to join and whoever responded with their bios I put them in the application, and also tried to understand the workshop google doc that Defne uploaded, but I really did not get any clear response about a proposal for FRIDA, so I used Tuba’s suggestion (we have a facebook group for the fundraising group and she made her proposal there)…but jan FRIDA is flexible, so I know we can also change things a lot. It’s not final who is going and who is not and the workshop group can still decide this, but it is also depending on who is available and the budget.

I am sorry if I did something wrong, I could have not applied to the grant, but also I had been in communication with Femenergy and they expressed the wish to have this exchange with us. So I tried my best to make it work, even last minute. It is the third time this month that I am coming home from work and working on Beyond Borders things…it is very exhausting, and I am going to try for our next application do it in advance and engage the fundraising team more and everyone else…but it will take some time. I know it is not in the best way, because the deadline was so soon, but otherwise we would not have applied…I am not sure what I could have done differently, jan. I just did not have time to work on it before the deadline…

Maybe to understand your concern better, can you let me know is it the proposal that you think is not good? What do you think we should change? Or do you mean the overall working as a team part?