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[Fearless Friday asks women the simple question below as a way of better understanding them. This week, Şehri Karayel opens up about her experience with Fearless’ chapter in Beirut.] What was the most fearless thing that you’ve done? In an Armenian ghetto situated in Bourj Hammoud town in Beirut, I… Read more »Imprints.no.3


DEFNE’s addition :  “We are all facing an increasingly complex and polarized world filled with violence and inequality. But thanks to the efforts of our movement, it’s also a moment of key openings and opportunities. The next four days provide a space to regroup, not only as feminists and women’s… Read more »Imprints.no.2


june, 2012; istanbul It continued, situated in the present. We agreed that to tell the stories of our own lives would already link the present with the past. To place borders in time and distinguish the present from the past was an obstacle to overcome by doing the work of… Read more »Imprints.no.1