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Treasure Chest

Wor(L)ds Beyond Borders

Introduction “Wor(L)ds Beyond Borders” was our online mini project which was realised on  facebook. We were aiming to  emphasise the power of art, creativity and sharing in the way of a small linguistic   online project. We were also aiming to learn slowly each other’s languages via  insipring images, songs, poems,… Daha fazlasını oku »Wor(L)ds Beyond Borders

Senem’s Treasure Chest

In this video, Senem tells some anecdotes and shares some tangible documents such as hand-written notes or printed photographs related to her personal journey within the Beyond Borders collective. She kept this content in her treasure chest over the years and now they meet with you while Senem is reflecting… Daha fazlasını oku »Senem’s Treasure Chest