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Anasayfa » Poems from Istanbul/Buyukada

Poems from Istanbul/Buyukada


you are still and quietly 

the city of your name

in 1895

no matter that it used to be Karin

and more important than now

your body turns to the same

battle from time to time

i wish for your bones

to find home


the journey is long 

and an endless climb 

to any answer you can accept

as an end point

don’t worry about each locked door

as a border

especially when you are tired

of the cycle of lies

i wish for your legs to trust

the ground


because you did not deny

yourself the stars

and because you did not deny yourself 

the light from the moon

you also do not wish any less

for us


the spice whose absence is felt

even before it fills

the dish 

boiling and full

of life

in your presence we become 

all the colors 

we are


like water you fit

into each feeling

and flow

may the rocks and earth

give you passage


life never stopped

being resistance

only we were brought

painfully aware

of all the forces

around us and within us

wanting to destroy

may your living 

never be an apology

to anyone


more than the animal

functioning for basic existence

you are echoes of a warrior

from all time





because you never worry

about the wholeness 

of all your parts


only happens

when you do not go

the whole journey

may you seek in truth

what you are looking for

may you find pleasure

in the seeking


what does it mean to be strong

but the voice 

that can push

through your belly

every raw truth


may you trust that voice

may you be unafraid


be still so the flames can contain

the ground

everything is a careful 


catch each moment

the fire next time might burn 

everything again

but ashes are fertile soil

for each new future to come


even if the road has clearly been set 

and your dreams never allowed to breathe

i dare you to whisper and know again

the wish that will set you free


you are the song

the dream the feeling

that the sun will always come

may you close your eyes and surrender

to these waves in the water

bring you to shore