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Anasayfa » Fish flock

Fish flock

This was a workshop facilitated by Meline in Aghdzq, 2014

A group of people comes together, everyone looking in the same direction. It’s an entity, one body composed of different bodies. So no one ever leads (like a fish flock seen by the human eye). Each participant has to open her senses to feel the rest of the group. 

First, the group starts to breathe together. Without deciding when, the group is going to move. The movement should be slow at the beginning to make sure everybody is moving together. Once everybody is well connected, then the group can start to move faster, change directions, heights, and in the end, improvise a dance.

Nota bene: 1. You should do this exercise when participants are already

well concentrated (not at the beginning of a workshop) 2. As the

group becomes well connected in the end, the participants can start to

move more individually, but still connected to the rest of the group.