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Anasayfa » Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse

This workshop was facilitated by Ebru in Aghdzq, 2014

This is a game in which one participant is the designated mouse and another participant is the designated cat. All the rest of the group forms a circle inside of which the ‘mouse’ tries to hide from the cat, who is outside of the circle. The job of the participants making the circle is to keep the ‘cat’ from getting to the ‘mouse’ inside the circle, but they could only do so using their shoulders and legs. In the first part of the game all participants forming the circle face each other inside the circle, so they can’t see the “cat” trying to get inside the circle. In this case, the participants can see the “mouse” panicking as the cat tries to get inside. After a while the participants forming the circle can turn around to face outside the circle, which will allow them to see how the cat is approaching. 

In the third attempt, the participants stand very tightly close to one another, holding hands. 

The point of the game is to understand methods of protecting victims of violence and analyze which method is best: when we can see the perpetrator and protect the victim, but have our back to the victim, and perhaps be unable to take care of their needs as we are too concerned with defending them? When we can see the victim and are closer to helping with their immediate needs, while still trying to protect them from the perpetrator that we don’t see that well? Or in the third case, where we are so close to the victim in trying to protect them that we limit their movement? The ‘mouse’ or the victim inside the circle can express her view in the end and a discussion about these methods can ensue following the game.