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Fish flock

This was a workshop facilitated by Meline in Aghdzq, 2014 A group of people comes together, everyone looking in the same direction. It’s an entity, one body composed of different bodies. So no one ever leads (like a fish flock seen by the human eye). Each participant has to open… Read more »Fish flock

Cat and Mouse

This workshop was facilitated by Ebru in Aghdzq, 2014 This is a game in which one participant is the designated mouse and another participant is the designated cat. All the rest of the group forms a circle inside of which the ‘mouse’ tries to hide from the cat, who is… Read more »Cat and Mouse

Power and Privilege 

This was a workshop facilitated by Heghine in Aghdzq, 2014 In the beginning, all participants are handed a piece of paper with a description of who they are. The facilitator can choose identities as they see fit. Some examples include: single working mother, white male professor, local farmer, 18 year… Read more »Power and Privilege 

Wool ball game

This was a workshop facilitated by Senem in Aghdzq, 2014 This game is a funny warm-up exercise for a group who meets for the first time. It also symbolizes that we are all connected, although we might not know each other so well. Level 1: The group sits on the… Read more »Wool ball game

Leading and Being Led

This was an exercise facilitated by Senem in Aghdzq in 2014.  Everyone sits in a circle and casts their gaze down toward the center. The facilitator chooses two people to come to the center. The others who are sitting stay sitting with their gazes cast down, not looking directly at… Read more »Leading and Being Led

Colors and Movement

This was an exercise provided by Tuba in Aghdzq in 2014. Take objects or pieces of paper that are at least 8 different colors and place them on the floor in one line from cool to warm colors. All participants sit in one area away from the colors, which can… Read more »Colors and Movement